Oud-Knokke II - Knokke

Address Alfred Verweeplein 12 Knokke-Heist
Architect Luc De Beir+ Architecten - Knokke-Heist
Phase Roofing works in progress
Sales Only 1 apartment and 1 commercial space left for sale!

Residence Oud-Knokke II

New development in modern architecture with lots of light and beautiful terraces on a central location at the Alfred Verweeplein ('de markt') and the Piers de Raveschootlaan overlooking the ne-Gothic town hall. This project consists of 13 apartments with a surface area of approx. 73 sq.m. to 102 sq.m. (excluding terraces) and an commercial space with a surface area of approx. 182 sq.m.